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3 Wedding Colors We Are Excited For In 2023

Updated: May 31, 2023

We don't know many brides-to-be who DON'T already have a Pinterest Board full of their favorite wedding color palettes! But whether you are that on-the-color-fence bride, or you are like us, and you just LOVE looking at different design boards, this is the blog post for you!

Here are our top 3 favorite wedding colors we are excited for this wedding season!


Dusty Rose

Although many may prefer this color for a spring wedding, it's one of our favorites year-round! It's the color of a sweet romance and looks as silky as the flower it's named after. It pairs well with any greenery, and its soft color will give any wedding that dreamy fairytale look.


Emerald Green

Rich and dramatic, this color gives a bold touch to any color palette. It's a color fit for a royal wedding of 500 guests, yet intimate for any romantic micro-wedding. It's striking enough to take center stage, but it also works beautifully as a subtle pop of color against any rustic or urban setting. With such a versatile palette, it's no wonder it made our list.

We saved the most surprising for last!
(or not if you've been following the trends...)

Terra Cotta

Although it's not the usual "go-to" color for weddings, this is one color you should not overlook this year! We would take a bet that you will find a number of terracotta weddings this summer and fall. It's a stunning color that makes a statement for any season! Whether you pair it with sage green or let it pop against bright white, it's sure to look gorgeous and bring in the warmth of your wedding.

Which color are you most excited to see this wedding season?

Planning a wedding color not on our list? Share it with us! We love new color schemes!

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