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4 Reasons You Don't Need A Wedding Planner. (And 5 Reasons You Do!)

So you're planning a wedding! Let me be one of the many to say CONGRATS! This is an exciting moment in your life!

Now all the fun (and stress) begin! Between choosing vendors and bridesmaids and all the colorful details, you found yourself asking...

Do I really need a wedding planner?

We are here to help! Here are the 4 reasons most brides say they don't need a wedding planner.

1. "Our venue has a coordinator."

While your venue may have a coordinator make sure you check your contract or ask for the specific duties your venue coordinator will be responsible for. Most often, venue coordinators will help with the setup and coordination of the venue itself. That means they might not be your decorators. They might not handle rentals coming from other vendors. They are not helping you finalize your timeline or day-of plan. As a wedding planner, I've worked with AMAZING venue coordinators! But remember that they work for the venue, not you.

A venue coordinator works for the venue. A wedding planner or coordinator works for YOU!

2. "My mom/ sister/ best friend is taking care of that."

It's always great when family and friends want to help out on your special day! The best thing we can give someone is our help and our time. That said, wouldn't you rather have them fully enjoy this special day instead of asking them to work? Let's face it, Wedding planning is work! It's hard work! But it's WORTH IT! Let your loved ones help with the small stuff, but hire a professional to help you sort out all the tedious details. After all, that's our job and we love it! (Or at least most of us do!)

3. "We're having a simple wedding."

Even the simplest weddings take patience and detailed planning! Vendor coordination, photographer shot list, DJ music selections, those simple decorations you took months putting together! Let's not forget that daunting but always-needed TIMELINE that seamlessly ties the whole day together! A good planner will help keep even the simplest of weddings running smoothly!

4. "It's a waste of money. We have everything planned."

Some couples have an eye for all the details. To be honest, I love a DIY bride! I was one! But even the DIY bride and groom should be able to sit back on their wedding day and just enjoy it! For my DIYers, I suggest an event coordinator! (Also called day-of coordination or month-of coordination.) Hire a planner who has an eye for detail and can run the day for you!

If you're keeping track, that's 4 reasons you don't need a wedding planner and 4 reasons you do! That leaves just one more reason why. It's a big one! It's probably the biggest reason.

Biggest Reason to Hire a Planner: You AND your guests deserve to enjoy your wedding day!

All right, that reason might have been mentioned once or twice, but it's so important that it needed to stand alone. No one should have to work their own wedding, and do you really want your guests working your event? Planning is fun, but when it comes to the big day, hire someone you trust! Wedding Planners come with experience and knowledge. They are the problem-solvers you want at your event when something doesn't go according to plan.

If you're in the midst of planning your special day, think about hiring a professional planner, even if you are just looking for event coordination! If you're on the fence, message me! I'd love to answer any questions you might have about event coordination!

You can also check out our services! Even if we aren't the right fit for your event, I still encourage you to reach out to other Wedding Planners and find the right one! You deserve to enjoy your special day!

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