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Planning Your Wedding Reception Details: Questions to Ask Yourself

If you found yourself here, it's most likely because you are in the midst of planning your wedding! So you know what a wonderful yet stressful bunch of emotions it can be! Today, I'm sharing the reception questions we use to help plan the party! Disclaimer: these questions will be about the details! Big items like catering, bartender, music, and finding the right location, will be covered later in other posts!

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Pro Tip: Tackle the big stuff first! Venue location, catering, bar, music. These are the things guests remember most about a reception.

Top Questions to Help You Plan Your Wedding Reception Details

Wedding party

1. What kind of entrance would you like to have?

2. Where would you like to enter?

3. What songs would you like to use for the announcement of your wedding party and the bride and groom?

Bride introducing wedding party

Fun Option: Some wedding parties do entrance dances! But for a unique twist, you can choose to have your DJ or emcee introduce you first. Then YOU introduce your wedding party as a newly married couple! This makes it a little more personal as you share a fun story or "who's who" of your wedding party! After all, not all your guests may know who those special people standing next to you are.

4. How would to like the emcee to address you? i.e. Mr. & Mrs. Last name? First & First Last Name?

5. Do you have escort cards or a seating chart? Where would you like them set up? If not, where would you like parents, grandparents, and wedding party members to sit?

6. Will you have a head table or a sweetheart table?

Sweetheart table and head table differences. A sweetheart table is a smaller table reserved for the bride and groom. A head table is a larger table for the couple to share with their wedding party or close family.

7. What décor have you arranged and where would you like it placed?

Example of a mock photo for centerpieces

Pro Tip: If you are doing your own decorations, take "mock" pictures of how you want to have them displayed at different tables and areas. This is a huge help to Wedding Coordinators or anyone who is helping decorate your big day!

8. Where would you like the guest book to go during the reception?

9. Are you doing a bouquet or garter toss?

10. Would you like to have a "send-off?" If so, do you plan on doing something special like bubbles or sparklers? It is always good to check with the venue during your planning stages! Some venues have it in their contracts that you cannot use things like confetti, sparklers, etc. Also, if your videographer or photographer is contracted to leave before the end of the wedding, you might want to consider doing a mock "send-off" for picture and video purposes.

11. Who will be responsible for taking home your personal items, such as gifts, after the reception?

12. What would you like to do with leftover flowers and food?

Once you decided who will be the designated person taking the decor and extras home at the end of the night, let that person know! No one wants to find out by surprise, or worse, drunk.


*These questions are meant to help you think about the details of your wedding reception! It is not a full list and there are always many factors to take into consideration! Some couples like tradition, some don't, and others like a happy mix of both. Some receptions are huge, while others prefer simple. Every wedding is different, and I hope this list helps spark your vision!

Do you have a burning question that we didn't cover in this list? Ask us in the comments!


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