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Wedding Planning Journey: Our 9-Month Checklist

Welcome back to our wedding planning journey! If you've just joined us, we're navigating the exciting path to your dream wedding. Last month, we covered the initial steps, from setting a budget to envisioning your big day. Now, as we move into the next month of planning, it's time to delve into the nitty-gritty details that will make your wedding day truly spectacular.

This Month's Focus: Illuminate and Reserve

1. Determine Lighting Needs:

  • Whether you're renting a tent or just aiming to enhance your venue's ambiance, lighting is key. Consult with rental companies and DJs, as many DJs offer lighting packages for dance floors. Take note of any additional lighting needs and add them to your checklist.

2. Arrange Rentals:

  • Building on your lighting considerations, make a list of items that need to be rented, such as tents, tables, chairs, linens, or special lighting. Reach out to rental companies and secure your reservations early to ensure availability.

Big Vendors to Book This Month (If you didn't last month):

1. Catering:

  • Undoubtedly one of the most critical aspects of your wedding, securing a catering service should be at the top of your list. Take the time to explore different options, taste menus, and finalize your choice. The right caterer can elevate your celebration with delicious cuisine and impeccable service.

2. Photographer and/or Videographer:

  • Capture the magic of your wedding day with a talented photographer and/or videographer. Review portfolios, read reviews, and schedule meetings with potential candidates. Book your chosen professional(s) to ensure they're available for your date.

3. DJ:

  • The heartbeat of your wedding reception, the DJ sets the tone for the celebration. Check if your DJ includes lighting for the dance floor in their packages or as add-ons. Confirm their availability and secure a music experience that resonates with your vision.

4. Florist:

  • Add a touch of floral elegance to your wedding with a skilled florist. Discuss your color palette, preferred blooms, and overall aesthetic. Book your florist to ensure they can bring your floral dreams to life.

5. Bartender:

  • If bartending services aren't part of your catering package, it's time to secure a bartender.

  • Confirm the details, including the types of beverages you'd like to offer and any specific requirements.

Important Tip! If your wedding is in North Carolina, you may need to apply for a permit depending on the bartender and venue policies!

6. Rentals (Beyond Venue Offerings):

  • Confirm any additional rentals needed for your wedding day, such as specialty linens, chairs, or unique decor elements. Ensure these details align with your vision for the day.

7. Transportation:

  • Whether you dream of a classic getaway car, whimsical horse-drawn carriage, or full party bus for the whole wedding party, now is the time to book transportation services. Securing transportation early ensures a smooth and stylish transition throughout the day.

As we wrap up this month's wedding planning checklist, you've made significant strides in turning your dream wedding into a reality. Lighting, rentals, and key vendor bookings are now well underway, setting the stage for a day filled with love, joy, and unforgettable moments.

Stay tuned for next month's guide as we continue this exciting journey toward your happily ever after!


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