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Divine 9: The Origin Story

Family Roots

For as long as I can remember, my family has loved a good reason to party. Baptism? Let's celebrate! Graduation? Who's bringing the drinks? It's a Friday evening? Break out the board games and pizza! As I got older, I began helping my father DJ at different parties and weddings. I learned at a young age what hard work it took to make a fabulous party look effortless.

"Life should be celebrated!"

A Series of Wedding Events

My first experience with wedding planning began in 2012. With the help of my best friend and my sister, we planned a full wedding ceremony with a reception in one month! It was a fast-paced, cut-throat, exhilarating, and beautiful experience! It was also the start of many weddings for family and friends, each with their own unique styles and dreams. I was hooked. The seed of event planning had taken root, but the logical "you should finish your teaching degree" side had convinced me to finish the educational path I was on. For now, event planning would remain a happy hobby.

Almost a Disaster

In 2020, my now husband and I set out to plan our own wedding. Although the world was in lockdown, we remained optimistic that things would be right again by the time we said: "I do." As our wedding date approached, it seemed luck would be in our favor. Our dream vision was on the verge of coming true. After all, it was now 2021 and the world was beginning to reopen.

However, one week before our wedding day, our day-of coordinator canceled on us due to family obligations. Two days before the wedding, our bartender passed away. For most, panicking would be the first option! And for good reason! For us, our "spidey" minds went into problem-solving mode. We quickly booked a new bartender, Lavish Liquors (They were incredible!), and spoke to all our vendors. We became our own day-of coordinators in order to make the setup as stress-free as possible. The result? A beautiful and perfect day! I'm not kidding! It was a day beyond what I had hoped. Many of our guests were shocked to hear all the twists and turns we faced that last week before the wedding. Somehow we made it look seamless.

It was the start of a perfect team in business and in marriage. It was that long-planted seed branching out as my husband and I looked at each other during our honeymoon and said, "You know, we could make this happen."

Why Divine?

Every couple should feel an excited yet relaxed state of mind during their wedding day. It's such a joyous occasion you will talk about for the rest of your life. Yes, it is one day out of many amazing days to come with your marriage, but it's still a day you should always cherish!

I love helping couples bring their dream visions to fruition. Every love story is unique. Every love story should be celebrated!

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