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Something Blue... 4 Ways to Give an Old Wedding Tradition a New Life!

Here in North Carolina, we love a good ol' tradition! However, many brides have been asking the question, "Should I do away with the "4 Somethings" Tradition?"

Traditionally, "something blue" was meant to represent a marriage full of love, purity, and fidelity.

Do you need something blue for your wedding? Of course not! It's YOUR wedding! However, if you're on the fence like most brides today, check out the 4 ways brides today have taken an old tradition and made it theirs!

1. Blue Wedding Garters

Although this is the traditional way to wear "something blue," it's definitely one we want to keep on the list. One quick search on Etsy for blue garters and you'll find a whole array of styles to choose from. Whether you are looking for sexy lace, monogrammed names with fun sayings, or even some glitz and glam, there seems to be something for everyone! These are not the same traditional garters your great-grandmother wore!

Bonus Tip: You don't have to do a garter toss if that's not your style! Wear the garter and skip the toss! It's YOUR wedding!

2. Blue Jewelry

We asked today's brides what they planned to wear as their something blue, and here's what they said about blue jewelry!

"I plan on wearing a ring from my mom on my right hand. It has a blue stone in the center and will be my something borrowed and something blue!"

"My godmother gave me a silver ankle bracelet with a sapphire stone."

"Blue stud earrings. My bridesmaids are in a dusty blue color so it also goes with our color scheme."

"I'm wearing a pretty hairpin with some blue and white gemstones on it."

"My something blue is my daughter's birthstone in my earrings."

"I bought a blue charm to go on my bouquet. It's simple but I love it."

3. Blue Thread

For those who love a monogram or a pretty message sewn into a handkerchief, using blue thread could be a great way to "weave" Something Blue into your special day. You could add some blue ribbon to your bridal bouquet or sew your wedding date into the lining of your wedding dress.

4. Shoes!

We had many brides share fun ways they added blue to their shoes.

Some brides wore all-blue shoes while others chose to have the inside lined with blue. One bride who graduated from UNC added a Carolina Blue UNC sticker to the bottom of her shoe to celebrate two big moments in her life. Another couple each wrote a special message in blue on the soles of their shoes.

Bottom Line:

Whether you include something blue in your wedding or skip it entirely, we hope you have fun! After all, it's a day about the love and the commitment you share with your partner! We wish you a happy marriage with all the love, purity, and fidelity that "something blue" represents!

Planning to add your own flare to the tradition? Tell us in the comments!


Are you in North Carolina and looking for some help planning your big day?

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