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Top 5 Things to Consider About Your Wedding Venue

When it comes to picking out the right venue for your wedding, we have one big suggestion: Tour, Tour, Tour!

Getting out to the venue and walking around the location is a great way to visualize your wedding day and find out if that venue is right for you and your future spouse. Today, we are breaking down the Top 5 things to consider when taking that tour!

1. Ask the Basic Questions

  • Does it fit in your budget/cost?

  • What availability do they have?

  • What is the maximum capacity? Does it fit your guest count?

  • What are their policies?

  • Do they require a wedding planner or day-of coordinator?

We may be biased, but we highly suggest having a wedding planner or at least a day-of/ month-of coordinator! You shouldn't have to worry about the details on your wedding day!

2. Ceremony and Reception

If you are having your wedding ceremony at the same location, ask what your options are.

  • What is the cost of having the ceremony and reception at the same location? Do they offer a package deal?

  • For outdoor options, is there a backup plan in case of inclement weather?

  • Is there a location for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready onsite?

  • Is there a plan or location to "hide the bride" before the ceremony?

  • If you are having different ceremony and reception locations, ask each location how early guests can arrive. Will you have a cocktail hour?

3. Food and Drinks!

  • What are their vendor options? Do they have in-house or preferred vendors? Do they allow other vendors who are not on their preferred list?

  • Do they have policies on food or alcohol?

  • Is there a prep kitchen? Are any other rentals needed for catering, bar, or cake services?

4. Music!

Whether you have a DJ or a live band for your wedding, think about their setup.

  • If you are having an outdoor wedding, will they have access to electrical outlets?

  • Does the venue have a policy on noise? What time does the music have to be off?

5. Location and Transportation

  • How is the location?

  • Will guests have to travel far from hotels or from the ceremony location to the reception?

  • If alcohol is served, are there transportation options for guests available nearby?

Even if you only plan on serving wine and beer, you will want to have a plan in place or transportation options available for those who may need it. We worked a wedding where the Couple placed business cards for a local transportation company at the bar. It was a simple way to support a local company and provide options for those who wanted to celebrate with a few drinks...or many.

It's also helpful to think about any physical limitations of your guests. Great grandma coming to the wedding? Will she need assistance getting from the ceremony to the reception?

That is our top 5 things to consider for your wedding venue! We hope it was helpful!

If you're in the midst of planning your special day, think about hiring a professional planner, even if you are just looking for event coordination! Many will help you think through all the details so you know you are booking the right venue for you!

If you're on the fence, message me! I'd love to answer any questions you might have about event coordination!

You can also check out our services! Even if we aren't the right fit for your event, I still encourage you to reach out to other Wedding Planners and find the right one! You deserve to enjoy your special day!


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