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Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator - Deciding Which You Need Without Losing Your Mind

Ah, weddings—the joyous celebration of love, unity, and the occasional stress-induced meltdown over seating arrangements. As you dive into the labyrinth of wedding planning, you're faced with the age-old question: Do you need a wedding planner, a wedding coordinator, or perhaps a magician who can make Uncle Bob and Aunt Mildred get along for just one day?

Today we are diving into the big question: Wedding Planning or Coordinator?

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The Wedding Planner:

Imagine having a fairy godmother who not only waves a wand to make your dreams come true but also tackles spreadsheets like a superhero. That's essentially a wedding planner. They're the creative geniuses who can turn a ballroom into a fairytale forest or a beach into a tropical paradise—all while keeping your budget in check. They help lead you through the entire planning process so you can enjoy choosing your catering menu without hunting down the vendor emails beforehand.

Services offered by a wedding planner may include:

  1. Budget Management & Guidance: Because turning your wedding into your dream production shouldn't require selling a kidney. Planners help you focus on your must-haves so you don't break the bank.

  2. Vendor Selection: They've got the scoop on the best cake bakers, florists, and photographers in town. It's like having the ultimate backstage pass to the wedding world.

  3. Design and Styling: Ever wondered what color palate best represents your undying love? Your wedding planner has, and they're ready to create a masterpiece.

  4. Timeline Creation: They're the directors of your wedding day blockbuster, making sure every scene is perfectly orchestrated, even if Uncle Bob decides to freestyle his dance moves.

  5. Problem Solving: Wedding planners are the MacGyvers of matrimony, equipped with bobby pins, safety pins, and an emergency kit that can rival Batman's utility belt.

Wedding Planning Journey

The Wedding Coordinator:

Meet the wedding coordinator, your on-the-day superhero. They are often called a Day-Of or Month-Of Coordinator They may not have been with you since the start of your wedding planning journey, but they jump in when the time is critical! They're like the conductor of a symphony, ensuring every note is played perfectly, or at least close enough that no one notices the little bumps in the day.

Wedding day pictures

Key responsibilities of a wedding coordinator include:

  1. Vendor Coordination: Coordinators can herd cats—or in this case, make sure the florist and the DJ are on the same page, metaphorically speaking.

  2. Rehearsal Management: They're the drill sergeants of the wedding rehearsal, ensuring that everyone knows when to march and where to stand, all without causing a mutiny.

  3. Timeline Execution: Coordinators are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, making sure the cake-cutting happens before the cake starts resembling a melting masterpiece.

  4. Problem Resolution: They may not wear superhero capes, but they are ready to tackle any unexpected plot twists on your big day.

Choosing the Right Professional:

So, do you need a wedding planner, a wedding coordinator, or just a good therapist for the post-wedding blues?

The answer lies in the level of involvement you desire.

Would you prefer someone to sprinkle fairy dust on your entire planning process and help you each step of the way? Hire a wedding planner!

If you'd rather tackle the planning on your own, we suggest you at least hire a professional Coordinator for the wedding day.

In the grand production of your wedding, both planners and coordinators play pivotal roles. Carefully consider your needs, budget, and how many times Aunt Mildred has mentioned that "weddings were simpler in her day." With the right professional by your side, your wedding day will be a blockbuster hit—complete with laughter, love, and maybe a touch of mild family drama.


Still not sure which is the right fit for you? Book a complimentary consultation call with us! We will help you navigate the process to help you decide! We truly believe no one should have to work their wedding day!


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